Why You Want to Hire Me


This is…

My why you want to hire me blog post

I get it.

You’re sick of clutter and chaos.

You want to be able to get out of the house for your Doctor appointment without searching for that important paper for 20 minutes.

You want to make dinner without moving stacks of mail off your counter first.

You want to stop looking at the basket of folded laundry. You are tired of getting dressed in your living room.

You want to empty your storage unit, park in your own garage, and find stuff when you need it.

Most of my clients have some initial reactions to hiring a professional.

I’m so embarrassed of my mess:

I know. I get it. I lived that way for years. I remember shoving so much into my closets and cabinets that I was afraid for my own safety when I opened them. It can be embarrassing to allow others to see your chaos.

I don’t judge my clients. My goal is to guide you. Organizing and editing are skills that anyone can learn. I can empower you to live clutter free.

I SHOULD be able to do this myself.

That’s my ultimate goal. When I step into a client’s home, my goal is to guide you through the process of editing in a way that teaches you HOW to de-clutter easily on your own. But, for most of us, we didn’t learn these skills as children, we don’t know how to start, and we get overwhelmed each time we try. Why struggle by yourself when we can accomplish so much more working together? Your time is valuable. Let’s maximize it.

I don’t know where to start.

I’m really good at figuring that out. Each home and client has a unique set of needs and skills. During our initial phone call, we can work together to decide where to begin.

My friend thinks Professional Organizing is a waste of money.

Clutter is costly. We don’t know it because it’s hard to see while we are living inside it. But, the time you spend looking for things you need could be spent doing things you love. The frustration you feel looking around at stacks of stuff could be blocking your creativity. I’ve helped clients uncover hidden costs all over their homes through developing good systems and determining homes for their belongings. From buying things you already own because you can’t find them, to paying for storage units for things you don’t need, our session together will be an investment in time, resources, and energy for years.