An hour spent with Heather will help you realize YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE and GOALS. She listens and restates to guide a realization of a need to CLEAR OUT and CLEAN UP. Heather is then able to provide TANGIBLE and MANAGEABLE goals that will FREE YOU!


Heather helped me make sense of WHAT needed to be WHERE and WHY in my laundry room. Understanding those three things made it all come together. I was able to use the space for its intended purpose and not just a dumping ground.


My session with Heather inspired me to make changes the MOMENT I got off the phone. Heather helped me create more space in a PRIME REAL ESTATE area which will have a real impact in how space is used in our busy home. I look forward to implementing more changes soon.


Heather is great at helping you think through your space and so that you can decide HOW you want to use it, WHAT you need, and what you can GET RID OF. She is not pushy or forceful. She ASKS you QUESTIONS to assist you in coming to your OWN CONCLUSIONS about what you need to keep or change.