How to Get Started: Part 3


This is…
How to Get Started
Part 3: Guidelines for your Process

1. Edit

The first step to the de-cluttering process is to edit. Simply getting rid of items you no longer need is absolutely the first step.

Here are some easy things to get rid of: Start by tossing items:

You haven’t used
You are keeping because of guilt
You broke and can’t fix
You think might be worth something someday
You purchased and regret
You used to value but don’t anymore

Toss, recycle, shred, and donate until the items in your drawer, closet, and cabinet reflect the values you hold as a person.

If you read my first post in this series, you already have your donate, recycle, and trash containers all set to work for you.

2. Containerize

Now that the stuff you aren’t keeping is out of the way, you can start to create order out of the items you are keeping.

Take a look at the piles of things in front of you and start to put them into categories.

Start with the easiest groupings.
Make big piles on the floor.
The last pile can be random item

You might even realize that you can edit these piles down more.

How in the WORLD did we manage to have 76 combs?

Once you have your items sectioned ordered, you start to containerize items. Categories will begin to be clear.
The light bulbs go together.

3. Label

I think of labeling as good boundaries. Once you label a shelf and determine it holds spices, you aren’t allowed to shove a birthday invitation in that space anymore. Once you label your sock drawer, don’t put jewelry in it. Labeling is a way of defining and creating homes for your belongings. It will keep that space from becoming a dumping ground all over again.

Labeling is also a wonderful way to communicate to the people you live with. Once I finish a de-clutter, I walk my partner and my children through that space and show them how to use the new system.

“See, THIS is where red Lego pieces go from now on. Any pieces I find under the couch from now on will be vacuumed up unapologetically. After all, I’ve used a SHARPIE.”

See, labels are there to do the nagging for us.
They are you new best friends.

Now, I’ve shared my insider de-cluttering secrets, tips, and suggestions. I hope that this 3 part series has helped you prepare for de-cluttering success. Don’t let stuff you don’t need stand in the way of the home you desire.

You’ve got this.