How to Get Started: Part 1


This is…

How to get started

Part 1: Gather your Supplies

Today is the day.
You’ve had the words “GET ORGANIZED” on your list for a month.

You get up early.
You sip the coffee.
You walk into that cluttered room and you…..

Realize you have no idea where to start.

Here are some of my best tips from my years of professional organization experience:

Gather your supplies

1. Trash and recycle bags

You’ll need these handy so that you can move through the space easily discarding anything that’s broken, too damaged to donate, or ready for the recycle bin.

2. Donation box

I like to have my donation box or bin right next to me while I work. Pro Tip: Don’t worry about getting items you are done with to the perfect person. I see a lot of clients sit on items waiting for friends and family to take them. I like to let the thrift store find the perfect people FOR me. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration.

3. Put Away Later box

While you work in that closet, drawer, or room, you are going to find objects that belong in other places. Here’s another pro tip: DON’T LEAVE THE SORT! Each time you walk away from that area, you will lose momentum and focus. Simply put all of those stray items in one spot. Finish your sort. Then, at the end, you can simply make ONE lap through your home and put all of your misplaced objects away.

4. Containers

I like to use containers, baskets, bins and totes to bring like things together. It might be helpful to measure your spaces and purchase some simple containers before you start de-cluttering.

5. Labels, tape, and a sharpie

You can’t have enough labels…. Ever. As you move things around and edit, you might forget where you decided to keep batteries. It’s so helpful to label containers as you go. It also helps the other people you live with know where things belong for the future.